About Us

British Certifications Inc. is a certification body accredited by ABCB-E for QMS, EMS, OHSAS and FSMS (Categories B, C, D, E, F, G, J, L and M) and Training of Lead Auditor course (QMS/EMS/FSMS) with G-Certi (RABQSA) to assist organizations, having head offices in India.

British Certifications Inc. has a number of Regional Offices in India as well as 30 plus overseas Location with highly qualified and competent manpower located close to our 4000 plus valued customers in past few years. We have overseas associated offices in Australia, Singapore, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Dammam, Dubai and other countries. The training programmes are open house. The hallmark of our certification is the international reputation of our competence and impartiality backed by highly experienced and knowledgeable auditing personnel.

British Certifications Inc. specialists appraise management systems according to international standards. This means that organizations and service providers have an edge in worldwide competition. Optimized processes also have the added advantage of reducing costs and increasing customer's confidence. British Certifications Inc. is pleased to provide the clients an overview and description of other management standards.

To exist together in the future with our clients by sharing our knowledge with them.

Our Mission is to provide courteous, friendly, ethical, "adding-value-assessment", certification services with integrity. We are a consumer-centric management systems certification body with mission, values and vision with purpose services that enhances operations and administration performance of client-organizations. By abiding to legally binding charter to the protection of consumers, and to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives.