Clients of the British Certifications Inc. may appeal to any decision of the BCI not to award, withdraw, revoke or suspend certification. Complaints will only be accepted from those entities that are in a contractual relationship in good standing with the British Certifications Inc. , or those with an interest in the certifications issued by the British Certifications Inc. , and are limited to the certification programme requirements, except under extenuating circumstances

On receipt of the notification of intention to file an appeal, the Manager shall instruct the appellant to:
Send a written appeal and comprehensive report to the Appeals Panel for assessment, and submit a copy to the BCI CEO/QM.
Quality Manager of the BCI shall attach the appellant’s report to the organization’s file.

Upon receipt of an invitation from the Appeal Panel, the BCI Q. Manager shall present an oral and written presentation, on behalf of the BCI. This shall be done in the presence of the appellant, and any other parties relevant to the case as agreed by the Panel.

The BCI Quality Manager shall secure: a copy of the Appeals panel's ruling on the case. any additional presentations made by the appellant and any other relevant party. The appellant’s signed statement of the acceptance are the ruling. These shall be attached to the report and submitted to the BCI Management review committee.

A copy of these documents shall also be placed on the file manually and/or electronically.

Quality Manager shall perform checks to verify compliance with the ruling, document the findings and place on the relevant file. If the appellant does not agree with the ruling given by the appeals panel, the complainant can opt to take the concern to the granting Accreditation Body.

Outputs from the above processes will be documented and a report submitted at the management review and the next sitting of the Impartiality committee.

Note: - Any team or individual involved in the resolution of complaints or appeals shall not: (a) be persons named in the subject of the said complaint or appeal (b) Those persons who have executed the audit or had made the decision for granting or rejecting certification.

The Appeals panel shall be comprised of members from the Impartiality Committee or personnel who the Impartiality Committee considers competent to review the appeal