Expertise and Commitment


BCI Management is committed to impartiality in management system certification for its entire range of certification activities. At BCI, we believe in providing the desired quality of Impartial Auditing services to the client organisation by the qualified and approved staff/Auditors . Auditors at BCI have been trained to add value to their auditing activity with a sole aim of increasing the effectiveness of client companies Quality System which in turn leads to total satisfaction of final customer.Top Management also Ensure that the conflict of interest of issue does not arrise in the Certification Process Including Decision Making.

We continuously strive to ensure that: - A query from the existing or potential customer is attended within 08 hours. BCI has a very effective and Impartial Appeal/Complaint handling system. BCI has developed multi sector expertise of integrated auditing backed by over 25 internal and external auditing personnel with qualifications and experience in most manufacturing and service sectors, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Auditors. Conducting assessments in both large multinational organizations incorporating most sectors of industry and commerce and small privately owned companies with complete objectivity. Training of auditors at BCI is a continuous process to update and enhance their auditing skills and technical knowledge.


BCI deals with the clients in the most Impartial/practical/professional way regarding auditing and certification matters(directly/indirectly) When inquiry is referred by any consultant / consulting organization, BCI follows standard auditing and certification process and it does not under any situation can permit any other training/consulting organization to state that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive.Impartiality of the certification process is ensured by the management.Also any conflict of interest situation is analysed and taken care of during management system certification.

During the  suspension, the organization is not allowed to use the logo & they can’t claim their certification validity.