Withdrawal process

Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in the suspension in a time established (not exceeding 6 months) by the CEO, will result in withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification as per the recommendation of the QM who refers to the lead auditor who will get in touch with the clients management and get the feedback on the necessary actions as were identified during the audit or as requested by the client or informed by TC.

In the case of "certification withdrawal", the organization shall not be allowed to make use of the certificate anymore, neither of the certification logo. The TC shall inform the organization about the BCI decision by registered letter within one week after the decision.

If a company requests withdrawal of its Certification, the details are recorded on the Change of Company details form by the TC, for authorization by the Quality Manager. The company's certificate must be returned to BCI before cancellation can be confirmed by the QM. Further, the name of the organizations shall be deleted from the BCI list of certified companies.

BCI have enforceable arrangement (Annexure 13 Contractual Agreement) with the certified client ensuring upon notice of withdrawal of certification that the client discontinues its use of all advertising mater that contains any reference to a certified status.